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Is Your Sales Channel Delivering Maximum Return?

If you have a diverse partner network, it’s crucial to understand how the channel is performing. Even more important is to gain a clear and accurate picture of how the partners work, how much time they spend on your product, if they are motivated by your value proposition and overall, if they are delivering the maximum revenue possible.

A well-managed channel is the key to generating reliable revenue.  In an increasingly competitive market, simply providing a great product with strong margins isn’t enough to hold the attention of your partners. Our research suggests that VAR’s want real partnerships with vendors who offer a genuine business advantage and great products.

It’s challenging to objectively measure how effectively your channel is performing by using internal team members and the usual internal performance methods. Employees tend to take a fairly defensive position when they are being questioned by colleagues about their processes, performance and company views.  The result of making an assessment of your channel on this basis is a skewed picture of your channel activity and performance – not such a strong foundation for business decisions moving forward!

By commissioning an external agency to step inside your business and take a look, you remove the emotion from the subject, providing anonymity and making it safe to allow your team to open up freely.  The result is a more reliable, clearer picture of the current business situation.  

The assessment findings not only allow you to benchmark your company against your closest competitors, but also reveal partner opinion on your program.  The results will also highlight insights into how to encourage your partners to do more with you, which of your partners have the best potential to grow and will show any gaps in your channel program.

Delta have partnered with EIMS to present Channel Assessor™, an affordable, repeatable and scalable channel assessment service, conducted with industry expert experience. 

If this sounds like a solution that might benefit your channel, get in touch to find out more. Call us on +1202 555533 or get involved on Twitter @EIMSltd.


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